1833 - application for the "DUBOIS RICHARD" .
patent concerning an aromatized sulphured wick.
1911 - Registration of the "DUBOIS RICHARD" trade-mark nÝ12132.
1928 - LEON LEPELTIER buys the "DUBOIS RICHARD" manufacture.
1933 - PIERRE LEPELTIER perfects a particular
formula of sulphur which burns without running.
1934 - PIERRE LEPELTIER makes the first automatic
machine which can make the wick called "NANTAISE" : 65 000 wicks per day.

- PIERRE LEPELTIER makes a second automatic machine which can
make the wick called "BORDELAISE" : 1 500 kg per day.
1940 - A third moulding machine belongs to the
LEPELTIER Factories, in order to make sulphur plates which burn whithout a run-out ;
the sulphur is made by the SCHLOESINGfirm in MARSEILLE, under the trademark "GLORIA"
1941 - Perfecting of the making of sealing-wax
and cement for barrels.
1968 - LAURENT LEPELTIER takes over the business.
1973 - LAURENT LEPELTIER buys the working stock
and the trademark "GLORIA" from the SCHLOESING Company.
1976 - The LEPELTIER Factories are now called S.E.S.O.L.
1978 - After 42 years of business in NANTES, 7,rue des Martyrs,
the S.E.S.O.L. firm settles down in new premises in the Industrial Estate of SAINT-HERBLAIN.
1985 - Application for a new patent NÝ85009610
concerning a dripless sulphur wick.
1990 - Making of a semi-automatic wax sealing machine.
1992 - Extension of our premises and special
reward at the Bordeaux Sitevinitech for the "CIRCLE", the first French
bottle neck sealing machine.
1993 - Purchase from ELF Aquitaine of the RSR sulphur wicks department.
1995 - We are the only firm to make the complete range of all the traditional vine-growing products.
1998 - At the Sitevinitech Fair in Bordeaux, presentation of a new machine designed to apply sealing-wax medallions to bottle corks.
1999 - MAXIME LEPELTIER enters the company. Our company is awarded the Silver medal at the innovation-contest in the Montpellier Sitevi for its automatic wax stamp laying machine.


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